With the aim of pay attention more in aromatic substances and natural essential oils, White Jasmine Co., Ltd was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Empire Chemicals. We had agreement with Authorized sole distributor of Myanmar for Fragrances, Seasonings & natural Essential Oils from-

1. H.Reynaud & Fils (St. Didier, France)
2. Sonarome Private Limited (Bangalore, India)
3. Husna Fragrances (HFF, Bangalore)

Which have been reputed and leading in many regions of the world. The products are created from highly selected ingredients and used by world leading consumer brands in Asia, Europe, United States, Middle East countries and also in Myanmar. Moreover, Qualities batch per batch supply is always absolutely the same and must be reliable. We’re ready to provide any advice for product application and prompt delivery to customers who want to test samples.